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Guided Tour | Scania



Södertälje, Sweden

Climate-friendly commercial vehicles

Plug-in hybrid technology is only feasible for cars? No way! By combining the flexibility of a combustion engine with the advantages of a quiet, zero-emissions electric drive for urban trucking, Scania’s hybrid truck proves precisely the opposite. With a range of up to 60 km, the truck’s quiet electric mode is ideal for making night-time deliveries that avoid peak rush-hour traffic in city centers. The three batteries only need to be charged for around 35 minutes to reach 80 % capacity, meaning they can be recharged while loading and unloading, or while the driver is taking a break. They can also be recharged by the truck’s regenerative braking system.

Darmstadt, Germany

Rail technology takes to the road

Resulting in well-behaved, quieter trucks with a small carbon footprint and zero emissions – highways fitted with overhead contact lines may be an ideal solution for sustainable freight transportation. Truck manufacturer Scania has supplied 15 hybrid trucks with roof-mounted pantographs for field tests on Germany’s highways, and is also taking care of vehicle maintenance and data collection.

When driving onto a highway, each truck moves into the right-hand lane, directly below the overhead contact line. A sensor detects the power line and sends a signal. The driver presses a button, and a pantograph rises from the roof of the cab and connects with the overhead line. At which point the combustion engine switches off, because the truck is now powered by electric motor. 

One of these test routes has been set up on the A5 linking Frankfurt and Darmstadt. The 10-kilometer stretch is being used to find out whether overhead line-powered trucks could offer a sensible alternative for transporting freight by road. The two other German highway test sections are in Baden-Württemberg and Schleswig-Holstein.


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